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Recent Concerts
  Recent Concerts  

Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare’s London:
A Lute Song Cabaret

Sir Godfrey Kneller, Mrs. Arabella Hunt

Directed by Grant Herreid
Music Direction, Charles Weaver

Performance at St. Luke's Theater, 308 West 46th Street
Tuesday, May 18 at 8:00 PM
Admission $15, $10 seniors, students, em org. memebers 

Click here for an mp3 recording of our May 11, 2010 Performance

Click here for an mp3 recording of our April 7, 2010 Midtown Concerts performance




Monody and Mannerism

Le Varie Musiche di Jacopo Peri and Le Musiche di Sigismondo D’India

A quadricentennial concert

With music by diverse other authors

Directed by

Charles Weaver


                                               drawing by Pietro da Cortona 1596–1669

 SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 2010 at 6:00p.m.

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church

Click Here for an mp3 of this concert

For an mp3 recording of our January 10, 2010 full concert performance, click here.

For an mp3 recording of our Midtown Concerts performance of November 25, 2009, click here.

Vanitas Vanitatum
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

St. Luke's Lutheran Church, NYC

To Hear an MP3 of the Concert Click Here

The theme of the fleeting, and ultimately fruitless nature of life and human endeavors, expressed through the exquisitely ravishing 17th century Roman take on the subject, music by Anerio, Mazzocchi, Severi, Landi,  Sabbatini, and Giacomo Carissimi's two interpretations of Vanitas Vanitatum: the duet mottet, La Vanita dei Uomini, and the oratorio, Contemptus Mundi.
Sunday  May 18, 2008
Tuesday  May 20, 2008

St. Luke's Lutheran Church
The Continuo Collective's Spring 2008 Opera Project 
Entertainment created around John Blow's Venus and Adonis 
(A Masque for the entertainment of the King).

To hear an mp3 recording of the May 20 performance, click here:

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