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 TitleDescriptionSize (Kb) 
AgazzariContinuo 1607127.87Download
Alfabeto Chart 70.65Download
BianciardiFacsimile of full page3,467.23Download
Common FiguresCommon figures and their abbreviations3,071.40Download
Continuo FluencyPaul O'Dette - 7 Days to Continuo Fluency1,778.57Download
Idiomatic Chordal GesturesLucas Harris13.64Download
Intro. to Basso ContinuoIntroduction to Basso Continuo harmony, ca. 16005,674.30Download
Renaissance CounterpointLucas Harris - Renaissance Counterpoint for Lute Players259.77Download
Temperament DeflectionsDeflections for three common Late Renaissance/Early Baroque tunings161.41Download
Tragicomedia Style SheetStyle sheet for "Recitar Cantando"366.87Download
Vocal Ornamentation in 17th Century Italy 0.16Download
Wikla ContinuoBasics of the basics of lute continuo771.89Download