Friday, August 19, 2022
Administrative FAQ's

Registration for the workshop and classes is done by showing up for your first class. A confirmation email alerting us of your intention to attend is appreciated, but in no way obligates you to actually participate.

Collective workshops are generally organized by semesters, which usually run from (Fall) mid-September to mid-December -- but sometimes even early January!, and (Spring) later-January/early-February to mid-May. Semesters run around 15 weeks, no shorter.  We squeeze in shorter classes where we can.

Tuition per semester has been running around $400 per, and is based on the number of participants and the number of faculty.  All tuition goes to pay the faculty, and to help defray the cost of renting our workshop space.  No administrative costs are covered by tuition.  We have been charging $25 per week for our short course offerings.  Tuition covers the cost of materials handed out.

The New York Continuo Collective takes all comers; interest is the only requirement. We also do not turn away anyone for inability to pay. Participants may pay on a sliding scale, or receive full scholarship. Payment can be made all at once or over time, even at the end of the workshop or course. We ask those who cannot contribute financially to take responsibility for helping out in other ways (stacking chairs at the end of the night, collating materials, e.g.). This is done on the honor system.  And if you later strike it rich... 

The Collective meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00 PM at St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 308 West 46th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues), 2nd Floor Lounge (buzz "18" on the intercom). 

Special classes, master classes, dress rehearsals may occur at other times and places.

For further information, contact:
The New York Continuo Collective
Tony Elitcher, Administrative Director
22 St. Marks Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217-2404
(718) 636-5706

When making a tax deductible contribution or paying for tuition, make checks payable to The New York Continuo Collective.

The New York Continuo Collective is organized under the New York State Not-for-profit Corporations Law, and is a recognized 501(c)(3) by the IRS. Donations are tax deductible.