Sunday, September 19, 2021
2021 Spring Online Sessions
  Spring 2021 Online Sessions  

NYCC Spring 2021 Online Sessions      Tuesdays, 6–8 pm (Eastern Time)

Performance Practice Book Club

Explorations of pre-circulated books, treatises, articles, etc, will be led by a member of the faculty, with the aim of illuminating aspects of continuo performance practice. The schedule is below. 

A 'master class' is offered once a month, in which video presentations by participants will be discussed and constructively critiqued by faculty and participants. Let Grant know if you have something, of any repertoire, you would like to share. Virtual accompaniment can be arranged.

On January 19th Charles Weaver will kick off the semester presenting the musical writings of Englishman Roger North. Details and link to the dropbox below. Let us know if you have trouble accessing the dropbox.

On Roger North (1653–1734)

An unpublished essay on musical cognition, meaning, and music theory by a perceptive amateur. We will focus on what the work tells us about performance practice.

Outline of the book:

1.      1–15. Background. Beginning to learn music
2.      Elements of music
1.      16–39. Pitch. The scale.
2.      40–52. Rhythm and meter.
3.      Elements of composition
1.      53–63. Harmony
2.      64–71. Counterpoint
3.      72–74. Schemata
4.      75–76. Ornaments
4.      Composition.
1.      77–88. Theoretical matters.
2.      89–113. The passions. Styles of composition.
3.      114–140. Genres and functions of music.

Tentative reading plan (Numbers refer to sections as numbered in the text):

Jan. 19: 1–39
Jan. 26: 40–71
Feb. 9: 72–113
Feb. 16: 114–140

Dropbox link with the text and some additional stuff:

Semester Schedule

Tues, Jan 19 - Roger North: Sections 1–39 (Charlie Weaver)

Tues, Jan 26 - Roger North: Sections 40–71 (Charlie)

Tues, Feb 2 - Poetic Form (Grant Herreid) / Master Class

Tues, Feb 9 - Roger North: Sections 72–113 (Charlie)

Tues, Feb 16 - Roger North: Sections 114–140 (Charlie)

Tues, Feb 23 - Andre Maugars (Richard Kolb)

Tues, Mar 2 - Italian continuo treatises by Bismantova, Penna, Gasparini, others (Xavi Díaz-Latorre)

Tues, Mar 9 - Vincenzo Galilei (Peter Argondizza)

Tues, Mar 16 - Poetic Form (Grant) / Master Class

Tues, Mar 23 - Prefaces and Dedications (Judy Malafronte)

Tues, Mar 30 - Pietro Della Valle (Richard Kolb)

Tues, Apr 6 - TBA (Paul Shipper)

Tues, Apr 13 - Poetic Form (Grant) / Master Class

Tues, Apr 20 - Luigi Zenobi / Patricia Ranum, The Harmonic Orator (Judy)

Tues, Apr 27 - Severo Bonini, and G.B. Doni (Richard)

Tues, May 4 - Louis XIV (Leah Gale Nelson)

Tues, May 11- Poetic Form (Grant) / Master Class 

The Continuo Collective Spring 2021 Book Club will meet virtually on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  If you wish to participate please indicate by email to  You will be added to an emial list and receive a weekly announcement of the Zoom link.

Tuition for the semester is $400, but as always we do not turn away anyone for inability to pay. Participants may pay on a sliding scale, or receive full scholarship, no questions asked. Payment can be made all at once or over time, even at the end of the workshop or course.

Payment can be made directly to the Collective through the Zelle system to either or 646-239-3522
by check to New York Continuo Collective, and mailed to:

Tony Elitcher
420 Elizabeth Street
Key West, FL 33040-6807