Saturday, December 5, 2020
2020 Fall Online Sessions
  Fall 2020 Online Sessions  



How sources inform the performance practice of late-Renaissance and baroque music.

Sep 22 - Performance Practice in Iconography (Grant)

Sep 29 - Performance practice: Dance and Theater (Grant and Paul) 
Oct 6   - Zarlino and temperaments (Charlie)
Oct 13 -   Master Class: participant video performances

            -   HIPet Peeves (tutti)

Oct 20 -   Thomas Mace, Musick's Monument (1676) (Andy Rutherford)

Oct 27 -   Music performance in Literature: Treatises (Richard)

Nov 3  -   Survey of Early Music Notation I: Neumes, mensural notation, tactus and mensuration (Charlie)

Nov 10 -  Survey of Early Music Notation II: Petrucci and triple impression,
     moveable type, copper engraving, basso continuo (Richard)

Nov 17 -  Master Class: participant video performances (tutti)

             -  HIPet Peeves (tutti)

Nov 24 -  Music performance in Literature: Letters and other descriptions (Judy)

Dec 1   -  Performance practice: 18th-c. (violin) treatises and iconography (Leah)

Dec 8   -  Master Class: participant video performances (tutti)

The Continuo Collective Fall 2020 semester will meet virtually on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  If you wish to participate please indicate by email to  You will be added to an email list and receive a weekly announcement of the Zoom link.

Tuition for the semester is $400, but as always we do not turn away anyone for inability to pay. Participants may pay on a sliding scale, or receive full scholarship, no questions asked. Payment can be made all at once or over time, even at the end of the workshop or course.

Payment can be made directly to the Collective through the Zelle system to either or 646-239-3522
by check to New York Continuo Collective, and mailed to:
Tony Elitcher
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